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"Who needs strategy meetings? We hit things until they die!"

Sally Fintan, whose magical girl title was Alchemical Fire, was a hotheaded magical girl both in and out of battle. Her fiery personality was possibly due to the fact that she felt required to prove herself since she was the youngest member of Team Alchemical. She died at the end of Chapter 2 due to an enemy attack.


Sally had long, wavy red hair tied up in two pigtails, yellow and red eyes, and pale skin. Her symbol was a red triangle, the alchemical symbol for fire.

Sally's costume was a puffy dress with a short skirt similar to the rest of her team. Her dress was mainly different shades of red with yellow accents. Sally's accessories consisted of spiky red-and-yellow decorations and light red bows that tied up her pigtails, earrings of her symbol, short white gloves trimmed with yellow, and red boots with yellow accents. Sally's dress had a dark red collar and light red bow similar to Undine's collar, and short red sleeves with yellow accents. Her top was a combination of red and light red. Sally's skirt also had two layers. The top layer was red with yellow accents. The bottom layer was mostly white with yellow accents and red lace trim.


  • Like all members of Team Alchemical, Sally's name is a reference to her element. Salamanders were once believed to be fire elementals, and Fintan is an Irish name meaning "white fire."
  • Sally had the worst grades out of all members of Team Alchemical.